Song for Madeleine

Countless children are taken all the time but sometimes one catches our attention. Like Madeleine McCann who was taken in Portugal earlier this month. My friend Paul Vieira (author of Jesus has Left the Building) wrote a song today for Madeleine and uploaded it to YouTube. When you listen, ask the just and righteous God to do something today.

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Paul’s email:


I’m sure you must know about Madeleine McCann, a three year old little girl who disappeared from a resort in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on 3 May.

My wife and I have been thinking and talking about little Madeleine all week. We look at our twin toddler girls and can not help but think about how terrible it is that someone would abduct a child. The evil in this world is very discouraging to me. However, I feel hope about Madeleine. The whole world wants to find her. Today, I wrote a song for her. I decided to video record it and post it on youtube. “


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  • We were in London two weeks ago. All the news was about Madeline. Since we have gotten back to the states there is no news about Madeline. We have to check the web for information.

  • I’ve been a way for a week and and i just heard about the song. When i listened to it i really prayed that god would see whats right and return madeleine to you. i don’t understand why anyone would be so cruel to take innocent children. i’ve had problems in my life but as i hope you will see, things always turn out alright in the end. i hope and pray everyday that madeleine will return home to you.

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