Francis Beckwith with the Roman Catholics

“I deeply desire a public conversation among Christians about the relationship between Evangelicalism and the Great Tradition,”

says Baylor’s Dr. Francis Beckwith in his blog post outlining the reasons for his resignation from the Evangelical Theological Society to return to full communion with the Catholic Church. HT: RomanCatholicByChoice. His resignation, which he blogged here, is causing a stir in the blogosphere among Catholics and Protestants.


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  • sacred vapor says:

    Dr. Beckwith is a great thinker, and it will be interesting to hear his lectures and writings coming from an RCC perspective.
    I don’t have a problem with this as some other folks do… does this make Beckwith any less of a Christian? we should encourage him to bring his insights/evangelical experiences into the RCC fold and help liftup our RCC brothers and sisters.

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