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Everyone should meet Ian Mobsby from Moot Community in UK. He is quiet and reserved, unassuming and profound, somewhat balding, and one of the most thoughtful leaders of the emerging church in the UK. Next week he will start his Emerging & Fresh Expressions Speaking Tour of the USA to release his book and share insights with Americans. He has a lot of cities already lined up but has room for some more. Aaron Kennedy will be traveling with him.

Ian’s book is called Emerging and Fresh Expressions of Church: How are they authentically church and Anglican? but while you’re waiting for his book, you can whet your appetite with Ian Mobsby on a distinctive approach to theologizing for the emerging church.

Also, Mean Dean Peters, known for his Blogs4God metablog and HealYourChurchWebsite.com, tells me he will be in Malaysia for the next few weeks. The Malaysian crowd are already organizing something.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.

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  • Marek Mudrik says:

    Andrew, I was traveling (without my laptop this time) and coming home I found 20 new posts on you blog. One comment for all – I appreciate your point of view on things or maybe, more accurately, the position from where you speak/write if that makes sense.
    Lots of people share their ideas and opinions, but fewer of them (hmm… fewer of us) seem to “speak” these with their whole lives. I am sorry your time in Prague did not overlap with ours. It would have been neat to interact more. Hope to see you again.

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