Blogs 4 God and Web 2.0

Another mega-blog has gone over to the dark side of Web 2.0. Its a complete redesign and restructure of the ever present Blogs4God. Dean has been running this forever. It must be one of the first Christian blog aggregators. Yes? Dean?

Dang, my blog is soooooo outdated and shabby. I am SOOO EMBARRASSED!!!! Look at my non-Web 2.0 colors like BLACK. Even my little kiwi up the top is like, totally 2002, and waaaaaaaaaaay out of fashion. I really need to catch up and get my blog sorted.

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Andrew Jones has been blogging since 1997. He is based in San Francisco with his two daughters but also travels the globe to find compelling stories of early stage entrepreneurs changing their world. Sometimes he talks in the third person. Sometimes he even talks to himself and has been heard uttering the name "Precious" :-)


  • Hi Andrew
    Well, to answer your question as best I can from my ‘CrackBerry’ (yes, I know, yet another web 2.0 cliché) … I don’t know if I was the first, but was certainly in the forefront in communicating to the Christian blogpapher the importance of syndication
    And now that every nologging service and/or app has it built in, I hope to leverage said technology to provide a place where the Christian community that blogs can collaboratively and democratically identify and highlight to the rest of the world the content they best feel represents them
    At least that’s the theory – the jury is still out as to whether the collective Christian blogosphere will ‘digg’ the pligg-base rendering over what was once an old-school, web 1.0 era, yahoo-like, semi-definitive list of Christians who blog
    So c’mon ‘peeps’ … Don’t be shy and please visit and vote … Often
    Oh and thanks Andrew for both linking me up – and continually demonstrating that compelling content trumps slick blogging layouts every time!

  • My 2ct on Blogs4God: Christians will always find a way to create their own ghetto even if it is the emerging, super-networked blogosphere. You don’t even have to put up a wall, just call it Blogs4God…
    And Andrew, the most web 1.0 thing about your blog is that it stil runs on Typepad 😉
    Tumbelogs are tomorrows old news at the moment.

  • Johannes, my 2ct on your comment – Christians will always be a defeated lot so long as we fail to take Paul’s advise to build up one another instead of tearing down.
    At least, that’s how us folks in the ghetto read it …

  • Well, mean dean, I was going with honesty here. And that’s what I honestly think when I hear the words “Blogs4God” and see a christian digg clone. In my opinion it often is the lack of honesty which makes us “a defeated lot” because people come up with all kinds of crap nobody tells them that it is crap because we ought to be nice to each other. This is why you can’t listen to “christan” music etc.
    But hey Paul also says to keep the good. That stuff above is just my opinion. Take whatever might help you and forget about the rest. I’m just a cynic post-“christian”…

  • Well Johannes, I was going with honesty when I think you’re not considering what blogs4God has been up to since the summer of 2002 …
    … and honestly? I think the whole honesty meme is sometimes over-leveraged for a spirit of cynicism I don’t really see encouraged in Scripture; a convenient dodge if you will.
    That said – I do think much of today’s contemporary Christian music is about as useful as a bag of Eurea.
    But then again, they’re busy trying to stake individual claims while throwing out 2000 years of Christian art, music, culture, etc …
    … I’m merely trying to herd the cats so we can have a place where our voices are heard over … and hopefully the democratic nature of the ‘digg clone’ will provide a mechanism to make the good stuff rise to the top.
    That all depends on YOUR participation (and of others too 🙂
    don’t be shy, you know you want to …

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