Scum of the Earth

Mike Sares, pastor of Scum of the Earth church in Denver, just popped over to have a chat. Great to meet him and hear the story of his church. Josh Cook told me about it last year in Scotland and its been good to finally meet Mike in person.

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  • robbymac says:

    This may be because I just bought WKRP: The First Season on DVD, but whenever I hear “Scum of the Earth”, I think of a British “hoodlum rock” band from the late 70’s…
    Will you be posting some of their story here?

  • andy says:

    Scum of the Earth?! Genius!
    That’s probably the best prophetic-descriptive church name I’ve heard yet! All that we should be; all that we often have been in the past; just who they are, and who they are for; all summed up in a catchy, memorable soundbite… fantastic!

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