Preparing for worship by numbers

Most of the participants of Eurochurch are walking in the Swiss alps in the manner of Francis Schaeffer (famous theologian and author of "How High Shall We Then Raise Our Socks?  . .  or something like that)  but poor old me is stuck indoors where i am working on the alternative worship experience for tonight. I am putting together a worship by numbers experience that i think will be a good thing for the many strategists and research geeks here, as well as for those of us that are used to a more visual or word based worship.
God likes numbers and often used them to communicate. Like . . .how many baskets did you pick up? You have 5 husbands! etc.
Fact is, 4 years ago i led worship for the same group (called European Church Growth back then) in England and I made fun of the number crunching geeks for their infatuation with numbers, statistics and compulsion to project numbers on a screen. I told them we should focus on starting something to measure rather than discuss new ways to assemble and aggregrate numbers. For the worship, I went with a word based experience composed of photos of words found that day on the grounds of the conference center.


You can see more of them and how i used them here.

So in a way i am repenting of my previous dislike of numbers and admitting that, for some people, numbers are a language and one which should be used in worship.
Tell you how it goes later.


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