House Church Network Leaders Conference, Denver

Denver, Colorado. Meeting for house church network leaders has begun. I joined the proceedings this morning. There are about 75 people here, all of whom came by personal invitation. Very focused group of leaders who are all doing house church/simple church but at the same time there is a desire to connect and integrate with the wider church.

No speakers at this conference but instead there are group discussions and creative exercises in thought, prayer and reporting. Scriptures are woven through all the conversations and presentations. Very house church like in its flavor, even though we are meeting at the Radisson hotel.

The event is sponsored by DAWN Ministries. A lot of married couples are here and the women add a more wholistic element In fact, as I speak, a lady and her husband are sharing their group’s disccussion that included a “passionate desire of and for God Himself”, and “catching the eyes of the Groom”

Mary not Martha, Intimacy, connectivity, identity, bride and bridegroom, only do what you hear the Father say, listen to God before moving ahead.

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