Exponential Conference in Orlando

I had a few days to spare before the next conference (Denver) so yesterday I popped down to Orlando and am now in the flow of the National New Church Planting Conference called Exponential, an event hosted by Leadership Network.


About 1800 people here in the cavernous building of First Baptist Church. A lot of friends are here and its good to catch up with folk like Glenn Smith, Hugh Halter, Bob Roberts, Bob Carlton, Alan Hirsch, Kirk Scheeman and others that have been a part of my journey over the last decade.

Ed Stetzer just spoke to the crowd on making the hard choice on being missional. Alan H and Bob Roberts shared yesterday. The media folk had some fun with the overheads. Check this out.


Lots of little groups meeting and lunch meetings lined up. I had a drink last night with some friends from Texas and breakfast this morning with the directors of Campus Crusade for Christ. All good. Will say more soon. Bloggers lunch in an hour but first i have to listen to Larry Osbourne – who I havent seen for about 8 years.

Exponential has been uploading podcasts and stuff on the conference.

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