April photos and more about our car.

I wont be blogging much over the next 2 weeks since there is not much WiFi in Wales, or much of UK actually, and because i will not have my computer. But i will be taking photos and uploading them to Tallskinnykiwi on Flickr.com from my phone.

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This is our car – a ten year old Peugeot 806. It cost us £2000 and its probably the best car we have ever owned. It has 7 seats for Debbie and I and our 5 kids. Not much space for anything else but the roof box on top (new addition) holds our sleeping bags and mats and tents and stuff. Plus a little room for anything we might find at a desolate thrift store in a remote part of the country. Only drawback is the colour – the same forest green as my mother-in-law’s carpet back in Oregon.

We took it to Germany last year and it didn’t break down which was a change. Our family are famous for our breakdowns but we usually drive cars that are nearly 20 years old and cost a few hundred.


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  • Now that we are in England we are considering buying a car, but would love tips. We have many concerns:
    1. Roundabouts.
    2. Left land driving.
    3. Left hand shifting.
    4. Cost of car.
    5. Cost of gas (I should say petrol).
    6. Will we have time to use it much with our Discipleship Training School?
    7. Are there better ways for a family to get around that, in the end, won’t cost more than we would spend buying and using a car?
    Any thoughts for the Rileys?? From anyone in England??? Today I posted about the 2 mile walk into town with my 8 year old. It was great fun. But I don’t know how many of those I would want to make with my 8, 5 and 3 year old. 🙂

  • AWESOME!!!!!!
    Blessings on your trip…
    We love you guys and miss you all LOADS!!!

  • Speaking of WiFi. I wonder if you have seen the FON community and become La Fonera yourself. You get a double band wireless router, get marked on the FON map, and share a part of your bandwidth. Likewise, you can get free Internet of like minded Foneras all over the world. Even if you don’t get to use it, the philosophy of the whole enterprise is very appealing.

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