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I attended a dinner last night at Bola’s. Quite a posh Italian restaurant. All the speakers and officials were there. Thanks to Ed Stetzer who managed to get my name on the invitation list. We had a superb meal and then Dave Ferguson introduced the speaker and VIP . . . none other than the Aussie Alan Hirsch.

Good choice, actually. Alan’s books – Shaping of Things to Come with fellow Aussie Michael Frost and The Forgotten Ways -have been the most important books of late in this area and it was appropriate to have him address some of the leading players in USA. After the dinner, we hooked up with Alan and Neil Cole for some after dinner celebrations and libations.

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Did you ever see my cartoony intro to The Forgotten Ways?

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  • Gabi Nagy says:

    Hi Andrew! Good to hear you are having a blast in North America. I’m too, especially when enjoying LIBATION while reading about your LIBATION 🙂 The peace of the baptists be with you! Was great to catch up!

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