New Brochure for Emergence 2007 [update]

UPDATE: New Brochure



An important series of events for the Emerging Church in USA. These events are connected to the book “Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging Churches” [see my review] and the pending release of The Emergent Manifesto of Hope”. I am very impressed with the choice of hosts – especially since I am one of them (Minneapolis, May 18-19). The others are Krista Tippett from Speaking of Faith (Seattle, June 1-2) and Scot McKnight (Austin, April 27-28)). The speaker-line up is good also – some very cool people with experience in different facets of the emerging church. We will be exploring the possibility of a “post-evangelical church for a post-Christian world“.

Register, learn more or download the larger brochure [PDF]

Emergencebroch Mh CmsSpeaking of the brochure, I think Scot is being cheeky when he is introduced as Technorati’s Number One site for emerging church. OK – so I’m second! Big deal! Did you hear me carrying on and on when I was first for all those years???? Never! Ma genoito! May it never be! But now that Scot kicks me off the perch, I never hear the end of it. Still, he’s a nice guy and his conference in Austin will be almost as compelling as mine in Minneapolis. I cant make it to the other events. I will be in Denver during the Austin event and will be in the UK during the Seattle event. But I am sure they will be worth attending.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


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    So the birthday gi…

  • Makeesha says:

    hehe…so you’re going to be in DENVER?! what’cha doing? anything the rest of us poor schleps can come to? I live just about an hour north of Denver.

  • marko says:

    um… well… i heard you carrying on and on when scot PASSED you. 🙂

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  • Question – I’m going to be visiting my family is Austin in April and am thinking of attending the event. I’m also thinking of seeing if my anti-emergent father might be interested in attending. will these events be a learning experience, safe for the seeker? I generally try to avoid fights/discussions with my parents about these things, but would also love for them to get beyond the sensational rumors they hear about “us.”

  • Philip says:

    I would travel around the world to hear Krista Tippett speak (If I had the cash). I mow my lawn (3.5 hours)every fortnight while I listen to her podcasts from Speaking of Faith. Her’s are the best podcasts I have found in regards to production and content.

  • andrew jones says:

    makeesha – private party for house church network leaders in denver.
    marko . .. SHUTTUP!
    julie- i really dont know if this is the best one. it might be. you could read up more and make a decision. but scot would be a good guide for him, i think.
    we have held a number of events in austin since 1999 that have been quite accessible and a good entry point into all things emerging and missional.

  • Makeesha says:

    andrew – well that’s no fun. oh well, I’ll just think of you hanging out a mere hour from me and sigh wistfully

  • Stacey says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this. We are actually going to be in the Twin Cities on a short furlough so it will be great to be able to attend.

  • Andrew, my friend. I think all I have on my “bio” is that my blog has been ranked #1 — and it has. I haven’t seen Zondervan’s words, but I’M KICKING YOUR BUTT, BUDDY. But, who’s checking numbers?
    Sadly, I was really hoping that I’d meet the TSK in Austin, so I’m sad to see you won’t be there.

  • Chris Enstad says:

    How long are you in Minneapolis? Can I get an hour from you on Friday at 1:30 to meet with me and the senior pastor of our church? We’re looking at some next steps with engaging in the emerging culture and you’re wisdom would be most welcome.
    Chris Enstad

  • Dave says:

    Guess it will all be available by podcast for us not in the US.
    Sounds good, they should have got Don Carson et al to speak, be great to see a gathering where people of differing views could come and thrash it out…last one I remember was in Jerusalem AD 60ish, that one ended pretty well.

  • Helen says:

    Sounds like fun.
    Does the “Emergent Manifesto of Hope” include this hope: “I hope I will be first on Technorati one day”? I would like to think it is going to realistically describe what emergent Christians hope for 😉

  • Chad says:

    An Emergent Manifesto of Hope is now available. See!

  • pj says:

    Knower of many emergent things…
    whaddup with the reschedule of Austin and Minneapolis?

  • andrew says:

    minneapolis is still on but austin and seattle are rescheduled. not exactly sure why.

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