Movies that make money . .

. . . generally have a Christian worldview, according to the findings of a 9 year study. These movies make far more money than those with explicit language and nudity. Check it out on Ric’s blog. I remember Michael Medved saying something very similar many years ago.


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  • It would be interesting to know exactly what a ‘Christian worldview’ consists of with some examples. I also wonder if these two categories are mutually exclusive?

  • Keeping Mum is an interesting one to have on the non-Christian worldview side. Sure it had some nudity, but it also had a minister who was restored to his wife by meditating on the bible, with words that were clearly presented to the viewer. That can’t be all bad.

  • right david – i was using their terminology without interpretation.
    medved used the rating analogy – “G” movies were more likely to make money than “R”.

  • MMM…
    Since when has Rocky Balboa been a christian film? I don’t accept the distinction between ‘christian’ and ‘non-christian’.
    Also – just because something contains some sex and bad language does not make it an unchristian film!! This is nonsense. In what way is ‘Last King of Scotland’ an unchristian film? I really don’t understand – it is like saying that watching pap is good/christian whilst watching anything which is actually any good is obviously unchristian.
    Anyway. I suspect the takings from films such as The Nativity, the Passion of the Christ (which obviously didn’t have any nasty unchristian violence…), the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and so on are mostly from Church people who think that they are worth watching because they have explicitly christian messages. If they hadn’t watched, I wonder how much would have been taken.

  • I think that the results are just because more young people are able to see movies that aren’t rated R – I think it’s a matter of numbers more than “interest” or “popularity”.
    I would ask what that says about the nature of humans in general – is that suggesting that people, even without Christ, are generally quite good?

  • Interesting. But is there such a thing as a “Christian worldview”? I think Eddie Gibbs teaches on this.

  • That’s amusing. Wasn’t it Ted Baehr a few years ago that called one of the biggest blockbuster of recent years – Lord of the Ring – a movie that promotes anti-Christian values like environmentalism??? Really makes me question his categories…

  • as for a “christian worldview” . . i believe there actually IS such a thing but it is so deeply connected to a New Zealand way of viewing the Triune God and his dealings with the world that only those who have lived in that country and understand some Maori words [that express a christian worldview better than any language] have the ability to understand it.
    heh heh heh. . .

  • Heh heh heh.
    Hey, I found this article co-written by Dr. Ted Baehr. It says the Harry Potter movies put down muggles, who make up the Christian church. Clearly he is unaware of the non-muggle church movements.

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