Happy Sabbath to all

Nothing to say this morning except a happy Sabbath to you all, and if you take a different day off than Sunday .. . then happy Sunday.

We are all well. Weather is good. Lots of young people around. I am working on plane tickets for my various conferences and trips, reading books, preparing teachings, working on websites and doing some administration work for a number of emerging church networks in Europe. Not today though.

I will be in London all next week. Staying at Ashlee House Youth Hostel. Thursday and Friday is a retreat for the 30 people known as the “Creative Group” – leaders of new things popping up in the UK. Its another private party, but i will let you know how it goes. Should be good. Jonny Baker is leading it. But it should be good anyway . . . . hi Jonny!!! [correction: ben edson and ian mobsby are leading it -thanks]


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Hey Andrew, have a great sabbath, I am off to the beach. Island life is cool. Do you have beaches in Orkney? or just cliffs and rocks?

  • andrew jones says:

    beaches also, and surfing, but much windier and colder than Ibiza, where you are. And far less naked girls on the beach.

  • kent says:

    What are youth hostels like? I have never stayed at one.

  • jonny says:

    i am not leading it… ben edson and ian mobsby have planned it with a little help from friends. and different people are leading different bits. maybe see you monday if you are calling in at cms?

  • Cathryn Thomas says:

    hey dude!!! today is Purim!! so it’s a celebration day as well!!! Hamen hung in the gallows…
    interesting note on the Challah bread.. why it’s braided is to represent the ropes that Hamen was hung on .. as it was originally intended for jews!
    thought you might like to take a peek at my latest blog post… shared a prophetic dream…. curious on your take… to the Rauach part of it.
    shalom dear one – been praying for “ya all”.
    love, k8
    ps. your the only one i will allow to call me kate…. and i like the k8 thing… made me smile…

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