Akiane – child artist.

Akiane is an incredible child prodigy. Yesterday the youth showed some images of her paintings in church and told the story of how she often gets up at 4am to pray before she paints. “Lonely” (below), painted when she was 5, was my favourite. See the rest here.

Draw Lonely-1


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  • + simonas says:

    I don’t know, Andrew. Somehow this whole story about the kid makes me nervous and leads to scepticism. Don’t you think it might be fraudulent?

  • andrew jones says:

    not really. have you seen the whole gallery.
    whats a shame though is that the older she gets, the more her art looks like it belongs in a Christian book store. hopefully she will rediscover her style.

  • jeff j says:

    she has been on Oprah, Ellen, Dr. Phil David Letterman and a few other shows. She’s incredibly poised for a young lady, and the hosts struggle with how to talk to her. He spirituality and her relationship with God are what make her who she is and they can’t fathom that kind of relationship or gift.

  • Lyn says:

    I think her art is beautiful as is her poetry. She is obviously very gifted and intelligent (especially speaking four languages at 12). I think God uses children in wonderful ways. I have known of prophetic 5 year olds etc. They are more open vessels. May her deep connection with God continue.

  • Victor says:

    What’s really interesting about her is that she grew up in an atheist home!

  • nina altounyan says:

    I think that obliviously she is an amazing child,but i find her obsession with god kind of forced and the older she gets the more unoriginal her art gets, its almost as if someone is influencing her greatly toward god.

  • mackenzie says:

    you are so cool it is my dream to meet you

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