The Secret Bookshelves Revealed

OK – a lot of you are asking me about the books that were not shown from Pete Rollin’s library on my previous post. Locals have shown interest in visiting Pete just to see these mysterious books and why they are so controversial I mentioned it to Pete and said to post the dang pictures – just to stop the whispering. There are actually two more bookshelves and i am not sure which one Pete thought controversial – maybe that book entitled “Alien Sex” but who knows Click to enlarge if you want to judge for yourself.

Morepetesbooks1 Morepetesbooks2

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  • Helen says:

    I thought you were kidding about Alien Sex – lol 🙂
    Actually I think “Concise Guide to Today’s Religions” is more embarrassing than Alien Sex. At least, _I’m_ embarrassed to have it on my bookshelf. I’m embarrassed I spent money on a book which by implication furthers the Christian belief that all you have to do to understand world religions is read a book by a Christian who has done 5 minutes more research than you.
    Hey, it’s so convenient – no need to go study source documents or talk to followers of that religion: just read this book!
    And all this book is, is “my perception, gained in my five minutes of research (perhaps done by reading books by other Christians), of where these other religions disagree with my infallible inerrant view of life, the universe and everything”
    Bottom line: I am embarrassed that my ‘Christian’ bookshelf is a stronghold of uninformed dogmatism.
    (Except for one or two more recent additions that the in-crowd of conservative evangelical Christian books aren’t very happy being shelved with ;-))

  • Adam says:

    Some of us put our money in stocks, bonds, bank accounts, etc. Others of us buy fancy televisions, cars, houses. Some of us just don’t have any money.
    I’m glad to see Pete has put his money into books! Wow! Gotta love it.

  • Alan Hirsch says:

    If he has some Soren Kierkegaard in there, its good enough for me. Nice library.

  • John says:

    Reminds me of the scene in the Jacques Derrida documentary where he’s standing in front of his towering library. The interviewer asks JD “you’ve read ALL of these books?” To which he replies “I think maybe two or three..”

  • Christopher says:

    So that’s where he keeps his Zizek and Kierkegaard!

  • oh no….
    I don’t know if I can support him anymore…
    there was that “On Christian Theology” book in there…

  • Tom says:

    “Alien Sex” would be a great name for a blog.

  • Brian Rhea says:

    anyone else around here on the Library Thing train?
    I’m wishing tallskinny or Pete were.
    Here is my library.

  • Stephen says:

    I seem to remember that “Alien Sex” contained an interesting piece on the improbability of Superman and Lois Lane conceiving a child. “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex,” if my memory serves me correctly. Of course, that was all pre-Crisis Superman and that’s all changed now.

  • Peter Rollins says:

    Hey. tried to comment but it didn’t work… the great thing is that when the pic was finally put back up Andrew put up a different one so many of the most embarrasing books have been left out (like my Hal Lindsey books). Helen is very right about things like the ‘concise Guide…’ being a little embarrasing. There are still a good few dodgy books in there… as people are picking up 🙂 Our libraries can tell us a lot about our journey…

  • Helen says:

    Thanks Peter.
    It’s embarrassing but like I said, I have it too so I wasn’t pointing fingers.
    At least you have all those other interesting books to offset the dodgy ones – I’m impressed!
    As you say, for those of us who don’t like to give or throw books away, our bookshelf indicates our journey rather than being a snapshot of where we are today.
    I actually feel sad that some books that once were favorites no longer connect with me like they used to, now I’m in a different place. I think I will always appreciate how they shaped my journey even though I won’t ever be back where where their pages held magic because they opened up new exciting possibilities and suggested new directions to me.

  • Andrew B says:

    To Brian Rhea,
    Well I’m just a lurker around here, but I have my recently acquired books on LibraryThing. I find it a great tool. See my stuff here.

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