How (Not) To Stay at Pete Rollin’s Place

Ok. I made it to Belfast and the Soliton Conference/Session thing starts tomorrow. I am staying with Pete Rollins tonight in his cosy flat in a dodgy part of Belfast. Pete is part of the Ikon community in Belfast – an Irish-style emerging church – and the author of How (Not) to Speak of God.

PeterollinsPete is back from a book-pimping tour of USA and Australia which went well. His book, despite its appearance of OUTRIGHT HERESY, is actually a solid thought provoking read and I have yet to find any critics willing to stand up and take a few good shots. It really is a fantastic little book that draws from a lot of postmodern thinking from the continent and USA and, unlike other mere syntheses of usual suspects found in Look-What-Books-I-Have-Read kind of treatments, Pete offers some wildly original implications and uphill intellectual adventures for those who like to give their mind a quick run around the block. Sorry – it wasn’t meant to be a book review – I reviewed this book ages ago right here.

But the fact that I am staying at Pete’s place tonight probably inspires you ask the question . . “What does Pete’s library look like?”

Ahhh . . I thought you would ask that. I myself was curious. Here are the thumnails of the books in Pete’s study, at least the ones Pete let me show you. Click them and WEEP!

Petelibrary3 Petelibrary4

Pete and I share a mutual respect for Slavoj Zizek from Slovenia, a philosopher that i have been reading since my Zizek-fest in 2002. I thought “The Fragile Absolute was his best book. Anyway, the number of friends who like discuss all things Zizek, in my small circle, is very few and I am always glad to catch up with Pete.

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