LiveWorship for Intel-Mac

LiveWorship is now available for intel-based Macs. If you live in the Bay Area, LiveWorship is on display at Macworld Expo in Moscone Center’s North Hall (booth #N4014) HT: Macworld

Worship Leaders – what say ye about LiveWorship? Better than MediaShout?

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  • Mark Jaffrey says:

    Funnily enough I’ve spent today playing with LiveWorship. I like the interface, but on our PC I couldn’t get videos to run really smoothly, or the text over backgrounds to be anti-aliased. Too jagged, even in good old Arial. It’s not a horsepower problem either. Perhaps I’ll have to try it on my iMac.
    Steve’s just announced the iphone at MacExpo – it runs OSX! Gadget envy kicking in big time…

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