A-Team visit 24 Set

Rogkief-1Ok – I’m impressed! The theo-blogging crew of A-Team went to visit the crew of the TV show “24“. Here is Roger Overton hanging with Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland). I cant really compete with that. Once our Young Leaders (pre-Emergent) team got a tour through the MTV studios in New York and we got to see some famous pop stars and talk to some execs. But I don’t listen to that pop stuff and didn’t have a clue who i was meeting. So that doesnt count. But the A-Team hanging with the 24 actors is definitely KUDOS-WORTHY.

Now if the A-Team had visited the set of LOST . . . then i would be SUPREMELY impressed!


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  • Amy Hall says:

    I’m actually working on that…my good friend works on Lost, so it’s only a matter of time. 🙂 There’s no way I’m going to give up on that!
    As for 24, ANYBODY could have come by to watch. They were really nice to the public and didn’t mind us being there as long as we didn’t make any noise or use flash photography.

  • i’m still impressed…after all they had to take care not to breath in any radio active particles from the mushroom cloud!
    TSK, keep up the great work,

  • Erika Haub says:

    Keifer actually walked up to my hubby and daughter who were playing in the waves at Manhatten beach and struck up a conversation. Doug was looking right into the sun and was more concerned about our two year-old not drowning so it took him a bit to realize why the voice seemed very familiar. We’ve lived in L.A. for five years now and he is our only celeb encounter–but after hanging with Jack, who else do you really need to meet?

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