World Aids Day December 1

World Aids Day today. i recently learned of another school friend who died of AIDS. There are probably many more. Everyone has been affected in some way by AIDS.


Some other ways to stop AIDS that don’t get a mention on the website:

– Don’t cheat on your spouse.

– Pray for healing for this insidious disease.

– Be informed so you can help educate

LINKS: UK Stats, National AIDS Trust

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  • Bryan Riley says:

    It is amazing how simply we can stop the blight of AIDS… by following God’s principles. But Christians can’t just stop in their “ministry” to the AIDS epidemic by harping on the need to avoid sexual immorality, we also must evermore endeavor to be like Christ described in Matthew 9, coming to heal the sick for it isn’t the healthy who need a doctor, to be like Christ having compassion on the sick and dying, and to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience as is described in Colossians 3.
    Unfortunately, much of the “Christian” response to AIDS and other social epidemics and blights is simply to look the other way or to point our fingers and say shame on you instead of following the example of Jesus and acting in a way consistent with the nature and character of God.

  • tboneiggy says:

    All it would take is for WHO to quarantine AIDS carriers like it does those with other infectious diseases. The whole disease would be gone in 20 years or less. That is the only merciful and ethical way to end this horror. Otherwise, people will continue to die horrible deaths for centuries to come.

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