Sam got Coal


Samuel was a bad boy and, in true Scottish tradition, he got a piece of coal in his stocking this morning. But he wasnt THAT bad so he got lots of good presents also. Including the t-shirt i made him – check out the red hair on the t-shirt!!!


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  • ohmugosh! you had a stocking to put the coal in, sam?!
    which is coal spelled sideways.
    have a great new years!

  • ok.. my sister got 2 pieces of coal one year.. and i only got one… so it traumatized her for life… TK called tonight from across the pond and we 3 way- called Paul…. it was kinda cool… send amy and derek some tackle hugs and sloppy smooches… if yer uncomfortable with that and have a 4 legged fur ball dog… just give the comands..
    check out my blog spot.. sending some love ya all’s way. You really are family…. ps… Phil steamed crab legs for christmas dinner.. including some honkin wine and my pesto with garlic bread…. over the top… but still wish we could be there. Love and all the good stuff that goes with it…. cathryn

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