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The visit of the German ‘cult‘ to a number of Orkney’s churches made the front page in the Orcadian paper. It was good to hear other accounts and see unity emerge among Orkney’s various churches and denominations.

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Some clarity regarding my quotes:

– I told the reporter that Horst stood shouting “outside” the Church of Scotland 20 years ago, as I was told. I am not sure why she wrote “inside” or that he ‘was physically removed’ from that church. Perhaps the journalist did not hear me clearly.

– Although I am quoted as Rev. Andrew Jones and James Stockan is a “member”, it should be clear that I was a visiting speaker at Stromness Baptist Church. Our family often enjoys attending this church when we are in town, but we are not members. James Stockan is an elder and one of the key people behind this church which was formed about 5 years ago.

Orkney Today chose not to run the story.


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