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This is me and the DAWN European team at the Strategic Consultation in Copenhagen 2 weeks ago. The good looking guy on the far right [with the hat] is me. Our conference – in partnership with SALT, took place at this Pentecostal church. They made the best lunch buffet I have EVER eaten, including 8 types of fish and CAVAIR! [both black and red – of course i would have complained if they only had black cavair]

1164400342-1Eating at my table were a few bloggers from Scandinavia like Douglas Molgaard who blogs at Missio Dei Scandia and Steffen Boeskov of Copenhagen who was briefing the Danish that weekend on his nation’s emerging church scene. His church had Mal Calladine last week for their evening service.

Marc van der Woude summarized my teaching with one powerpoint slide. How very very VERY insulting!!! And i find it hard to believe that he is an inch taller than me [you see how keen he was to stand on the top step for the photo] He was, however, my VJ during our presentation and he did an excellent job, even pulling out relevant video footage and images as i spoke.


My previous trip to Scandinavia was in Norway 2005, when i was teaching at SubChurch, Oslo

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  • Hi Andrew
    Great to meet you in “wonderful Copenhagen”.
    Your small piece of advice concerning blogging was very inspiring – I’ve even started posting some in english (as you’ve probably noticed :-))
    I’ve just upgraded my blog to “Blogger beta”, and it’s better but I’m not that impressed..
    Should I go for a typepad-account?

  • ok – I guess I’ll stick with blogger then. Wouldn’t want to loose my 7 links 🙂
    I just need to find out how to put this “read more”-function into my posts.. Then my blog will be perfect (in the greek, static sense of the word) 🙂

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