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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Roy says:

    a prayer that is much needed.

  • Phil Wyman says:

    hehe, heh, ha, ha, hehe, haha, aaaahahah…
    I’m not sure which is funnier the lava lamp, which I have no problem with – except it makes me laugh, or this response, “Indeed, how it must grieve the Holy Spirit. Imagine sitting in the Emergent “worship circle” with a lava lamp in the middle, as the “worshipers” smoke marijuana while in “dialogue” about the sexual escapades in and out of the church.”
    You will make my list of favorite blogs next time I do one, because I will not laugh that hard over a blog for quite awhile I am sure.

  • joe says:

    Never quite seen the point of a lava lamp. But then, I’ve never really seen the point of our friends at The Slice and their vendetta either.

  • david says:

    That blog is the best laugh I have had all week. Gee one must have huge amounts of time on ones hands to get nickers in a twist over such MAJOR issues such a a java pray interface.
    Reminds me that my Dad got it trouble for taking me to see Return of the Jedi – it was of the devil you know.

  • mark E says:

    At the moment our church is reaching and forming a lot of friendships with people who dont yet profess faith.
    I reckon stuff like this would reinforce the weird stereotypes some of them used to have of Christians.
    This does not make the lava prayer lamp wrong, but I would not reccomend it in my context.
    It is a little hard for me to take seriously, and I cannot imagine any real intimacy with God when using it, which for me is what prayer is about, talking to God, not a flash animation.

  • Pastor Astor says:

    Wow! I read some Ken Silva yesterday, and that man sure needs prayer! He really combines an incredible judgementalism with a godsized ego. And it seems he has nothing else to do than pass judgement on others at the internet. He really must be very, very bored. Itยดs sad!

  • Kyle Abbott says:

    One of my favorite posts. I was not aware of “The Slice”, but will have to check back to see what else I am doing wrong so I know what to repent of daily.
    The lamp was actually really cool (of course I am into ambient music, so put that in there and I will dig anything!).

  • Ed C says:

    Well shoot, if I can’t pray using my lava lamp, I’ll have to keep drinking coffee until I’m in a caffeine-induced spiritual state.

  • Wow SLICE is a frightening site! I did some looking around and found articles they wrote about Cornerstone Festival and it broke my heart that they could be so judgmental.

  • Rich Schmidt says:

    Slice really is a frustrating site. Most frustrating? My inability to get a comment approved. I’ve submitted what I believe are helpful comments to several threads there (including one in which my church was mentioned!), but strangely, they never appear…
    Actually, I thought I did have a comment approved a while back… but now I can’t find it. I’m wondering if they went back and “purged” posts/users they didn’t like…

  • Rich Schmidt says:

    It’s almost (but not quite) as frustrating as TypePad’s “Verify Your Comment” system. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I constantly forget about it, so that I’ve already surfed through several other tabs, then come back & see that my comment hasn’t actually posted yet. Then I have to enter the text twice (since the one showing on the screen is already outdated).
    I know, it’s not your fault. ๐Ÿ™‚ It just takes some getting used to…

  • andrew says:

    rich – this morning i found one of my OWN comments on my blog that did not go through and was still waiting for me to send those secret letters and numbers.\
    i would turn the bloody thing off but i am scared of getting spammed again.
    once i got nearly 100 comment spams in one day. [wont mention the country . . . because i dont want to offend my POLISH readers!]

  • My advice from personal experience, don’t spend too much time over at Slice. It will only make you sad, frustrated, and angry. There are plenty of very good blogs that critique the state of teh church and evangelicalism (in particular), wiithout resorting the the mean-spirited hysterics that Slice and Apprising resort to. They’re like the Jerry Springer show of ‘Christian’ Blogs.

  • Phil Wyman says:

    I saw your comment on this very subject. You’ve made the big time – you are on Slice! Okay, maybe it wasn’t the big time.

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