German Sect at other churches

We are still talking about our interraction with the German sect/cult. They went to a church in Orphir before “Schaffraneking” us in Stromness. They tried to disrupt the Bretheren church in the afternoon but they walked out when they say James Stockan from the Stromness church, who had gone over to warn them. And in the evening they went to Kirkwall Baptist, entering right before the end of the service as is their custom. Rev. Don Currie gives this report:

“Hi, I’m Don Currie, the Minister of Kirkwall Baptist Church. Following the experience of our friends at Stromness Baptist, we were Schaffranek’d at our Evening Service, but not nearly as badly as Stromness was. On Saturday night (9th) I received a text message and an email from different local church leaders advising me of the German visitors and of their modus operandi – to disrupt services.

I then received a small battery of phone calls (genuine thanks to those who phoned!) from our pals in Stromness about what had happened on Sunday morning. So, forewarned was forearmed. I advised several of our Deacons and Stewards as well as our Guest Preacher that there was the potential for disruption. We had in the order of 200 folks at our Carols by Candlelight Service – it was a pack out and a great service and I’m very grateful that there as no disruption to the service. However, our German visitors then appeared at coffee time after the service and began to pick people off and talk to them and give them their literature. I moved in, didn’t mess about, told them who I was and intimated that they were not welcome to proselytise at our service. I was told I had sin in my life – well, there’s a great revelation!!!! – I told them that we had contacted the local police because we were concerned about the potential for disruption at a public service of worship. When I went to get my phone and they saw I wasn’t kidding, they moved out to the street and continued to pick off some more vulnerable people and give their unwelcome literature. These folks are bad news and evangelical Christians should be aware that they are, at best, an unwelcome – and typically uninvited – and annoying influence who are best kept at arm’s length.”


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Tom Götze says:

    Folks, brothers and sisters, I am so sorry about everything this silly bunch of germans did to your communities til know. Please accept my substitutionally apology.
    I love you and your country! [And will try my best to serve the people of Great Britian, beginning my “journey” in summer 2007.]

  • kapeka says:

    This all is really disturbing. I myself had spoken only once with an Schaffranek, but I knew that he was one and so it was a rather short talk. Didn’t want to waste my Time.
    But some people at my Bibleschool were telling about disturbed sunday services but watching it on Video is even more disturbing.
    Oh Boy … but don’t think that all germans are that crazy. Some are rather normal 😉

  • andrew says:

    of course they are normal – and blessed.
    i had a fantastic time at Freakstock festival in Germany this year with the Jesus Freaks and other ministries.
    The Germans have so much to teach the rest of the world – lovely people indeed!
    And Metz’s book “The Emergent Church” (1980) is a classic and groundbreadking book that i used in my teaching there.

  • Mark E says:

    I would not have been as patient or gracious as you guys. Having the info on ppoint was a great idea.
    Do people have the right to disrupt church service? I dont think they do.

  • PTD says:

    Isn’t it a great chance to witness to them and to do some spiritual warfare? Shouldn’t there be Biblical truth aimed right at their wrong teaching and shouldn’t there be a group of people set up who can jump into prayer?
    How strong would we feel if we went into their places of worship and tried to tell them the Truth, or to go into a JW kingdom hall and try and discuss with the Elders who Jesus Christ really is (ie not the Angel Michael)?

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