Emerging Church Blogger of the Year

I cant believe I am giving this to an emerging church blogger who doesn’t know HTML, never works in images or video, neglects internal linking, and whose individual posts rank poorly on Google. And rather than being a participant in a wildly experimental emerging CandleLighting-VJProjecting-PoetryReading-MonasticPraying . . [ . . let me . . . catch my . . breath . . ] ExpressoSteaming-CouchReclining-type emerging church, this blogger joins the weekly suburban crowds fighting for parking spaces at WillowCreek!

HOWEVER . . . he has managed to overtake me in the number of permanent links for an emerging church blogger, something that no one has ever done. He is also a braver blogger than I, tackling subjects that I steer away from. And he puts out more and better content than me or just about anyone I know. When he starts a series, he pumps out blog-posts like a machine gun and the whole affair is over in a few days. And his content is so well researched and YUMMY that you would assume he is a university professor. Which, btw, he is. Thus the amazing 1000 blogs giving permanent links to his Megablog.

Yes, a THOUSAND blogs link to him. And I know that permanent links are just one of the many [200+] factors that go into search engine optimization but they are a BIG factor, and permanent links rule on Technorati.

So, I applaud blogger Dr. Scot McKnight of JesusCreed.org as emerging church blogger of the year. Read on for a little history:

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In April 2005, Scott was a new blogger and offered on one of my posts to help out in the Don Carson issue. I pointed people over to his blog at that point and retired from the series. Little did I know that one day this novice blogger would KICK MY BUTT in the blogosphere!!!


– In March 2006, Scot McKnight gained more permanent links than I, and took first place. The image above is from that time. This was a shock – to have an American take his place among the Canadians, Brits and Kiwis at the top of the emerging church blogs. We were asking ourselves “Is America also among the blog-prophets?”

– Dec 2006 Scot made 1000 blogs linking to his site. I just took another look and that number is 4, 255 links from 997 blogs [it goes up and down] giving Scot’s blog the rank of 1,427.

It should also be said that Scot’s lecture at Westminster Seminary [PDF] was probably the most widely received description of the emerging church in USA during 2006. As for the other thoughts and deeds of Scot McKnight, are they not written in the annuls of JesusCreed.org?

Update: Scot reflects on blogging lessons from 2006


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • John Santic says:

    I frequent Scot’s blog and yours quite a bit as a newer blogger on the scene and I learn much from the way you guys write and reflect. Being new, it takes some time to learn the accronyms and netiquette in order to pick up on exactly what’s going on. I’d like to say thanks to you Andrew and to Scot for being a valuable resource to us that brave the waters of anything missional emerging.
    John Santic

  • I second your motion. Scot has indeed been the emerging church blogger of the year.

  • Mike Morrell says:

    Ah, Andrew, I concur–I read your blog and Scot’s more than anyone else’s (and Pete Rollins‘ when he updates it!!). I read them both with equal relish, for two different reasons–Scot’s, as you say, often delves into lengthy and controversial issues, whereas you have a sharp-yet-breezy journalistic-y eye on what God is up do on planet earth. Where do you think Dr. Linkage gets many of his links on the first go-round? ; )
    Both of you, keep up the good work! Blog on!

  • Victor says:

    I agree; I’ve benefited much from Scot’s blog.

  • Mike says:

    Ok…we all agree that Scott takes the blogger spot of “lord of the manor”. But the tall skinny one is a close runner up.
    Be a blessing this New Year.

  • you mean Lord of the Pings?

  • graham says:

    Well chosen, Andrew.

  • graham says:

    I meant to add that he’s also a great writer and a cracking theologian.

  • Bryan Riley says:

    It’s funny. I too am fairly new to blogging and started by reading just one Southern Baptist blog (the blog of a pastor that my church tried to call), which led me to a few more SBC blogs, and, in the end, I spend a lot of time reading yours and Scot’s (I also read a friend of yours who is an incredible writer and I want to give him a shout out–Alan Cross at Downshore Drift). Now, there are some other great blogs out there, but the two of you definitely maintain my interest and help support the work of the Holy Spirit in my life, who is increasing my faith and giving me a more and more missional and emergent viewpoint.

  • Andrew says:

    Technorati, Schmechnorati! Put Scot McKnight in the Google Fight ring with you, Andrew, and you mop the floor with him. You also outlink McKnight on Google (9,810 to 781). Don’t throw in the towel so quickly, man!
    Peace in ’07,
    AC, whom you also trounce in a Google Fight.

  • Andrew, these numbers are tools of SATAN to tempt my ego and I REFUSE to even look at them . . ..
    now what were those links again? . . .
    actually, Andrew Jones is a more common name so the fight may not be fair.
    And you beat me for a long time on the Google search for “Andrew” You were page 3 if i remember which was astounding.
    have a great 2007!

  • ceza says:


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