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Freakstock2006 Roundtable 2-2The Amazing Grace project seems to be picking up speed. Walden’s Bob Beltz tells me the official website has been revamped – and it looks really good! A nice trailer is floating around. Its a lot shorter than the trailer Bob showed us earlier this year at Freakstock but it still captures the heart of the movie. Amazing Grace the movie project is now on Wikipedia. The Amazing Change suggests some ways you can get involved. And Erik Lokkesmoe (project manager for Amazing Grace) has started a simple blog called Grace Notes that I expect will keep up with this movie’s progress and how people are using it to bring freedom in the various levels of life where slavery and oppression still rule.

I was thinking about throwing some parties and seeing who else wants to throw a party around the release date of the movie (23rd Feb and 23rd March, 2007). These could be coordinated globally with not much effort – a bit like the Firefox 2.0 release parties. Anyone up for that? Now here’s that trailer:

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  • Looks fantastic! We were once in a beautiful little rain forest in Kenya where our family was spying on stunning birds for a few days. In Kenya it is common to be named after people who are famous around the time of your birth. It’s less common to be named for someone from long ago unless they are a relative. Our very knowledgeable Kenyan guide was named Wilberforce.

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