My Wife in Houston

Cardi20 years ago I found an excellent woman. Debbie.

My wife could use some prayer today. She flew into Houston last night and today she will be giving a short presentation to local pastors on the global emerging church and the new opportunities for training that are found in the latest crop of monastic houses, communities and pilgrimage trails. I was going to do this but Debbie was in USA anyway so I asked her to speak instead of me. She will spend 4 days in Houston with a team of people from Germany, UK and USA who are finding new ways to equip leaders for the emerging church around the world.

Its been almost a year since she blogged on her spectacular motherhood blog called MumJones. She needs some encouragement to start it up again but in the meantime, people are talking to her about publishing a book on motherhood and spirituality in relation to her incredible gifts in stained glass, spinning, weaving, knitting, pottery and all the other crafts that she enjoys and will be teaching up here at our quasi-monastery in Orkney.

Another thing – that lovely green jumper sweater Debbie is wearing got left at somebody’s house during our month in USA last year. Does anyone have it? And yes, she has cut off her dreadlocks since that photo.

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