Oxford: A Church called hOME

Update: Really good time last night. Gill Poole and I went to hOME and then pizza afterwards with the hOMe commuity. The worship service at hOME was mainly younger people and students. Similar liturgy to Burford Priory this morning but with video projection and music from this century. Matt Rees is the Abbot and Jim is the Warden. Actually, Jim is also the VJ and was running Arkaos on one computer and MediaShout on the other. I am not sure if video jockeying is a requirement for Wardens today or not but its sure helpful.

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Gill Poole has posted lots of photos from the weekend, including this.

They asked me to speak for 15 minutes and i talked about my afternoon with Roland Allen’s grandson, and Allen’s journey of discovering the way of Jesus and his disciples. And how that has impacted the global emerging church a hundred years later.

btw – Roland Allen was a VJ in his own right. While a missionary in China in the 1890, he mixed his own developing fluid for his photos and used the magic lantern to project them on the wall. He used these images for teaching and training. I think he would have enjoyed the service last night at hOME.

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The reading from the bible is accompanied by two candle bearers.

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Having a pizza with Abbot Matt Rees (left) after church. Image from Gill

Original: Tonight I am at a spiritual community called hOME in Oxford, with Jim Barker. I stay with Jim tonight. I think its another monastic emerging church type thing [if you know what i mean] but will have to wait and see.

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  • the hOME website is great! I’d say that most “monastic emerging church home group type thing” websites I’ve seen are usually vague, outdated, or mostly unclear. I’ve been okay with that – maybe that’s what it’s supposed to be? 🙂
    But, their site seems to clearly explain what’s going on, and that’s a breath of fresh air for someone wondering about contexts and practices.
    thanks for the link.

  • need to send you a word… don’t want to post it here… let me know…
    i think you have my email address…… they ask for it here..
    so let me know.
    xoxo IN HIM, Cathryn

  • Andrew, i’m looking to find out some more about these types of monastic communities/home churches/ communities etc, and would love to visit some maybe, wondered if you have details of places like this in Scotland?

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