Gayle Haggard – an excellent woman who can find?

Gaylehaggard-1I really like Gayle’s letter to the women at New Life Church yesterday. She is committed to her husband and to God and to church. An excellent woman who can find? Click to enlarge it or read the whole PDF

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Gayle Haggard: An Excellent Woman Who Can Find?

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  • Tim Bailey says:

    yes- it’s a very touching expression of hurt and hope. Her perspective is one of reality mixed with the Spirits’ power.

  • bobbie says:

    while i think her intention is beautiful and it shows the depth of her soul i fear that it is not very helpful and could wound her and her children far more than help in the long run.
    pretending is what got them here. keeping up the good front for the sake of the church and children will not bring the healing they all need.
    anger is the healthy response. grief and woundedness would be the natural response. keeping the stiff upper lip is really what got them here. i pray they are given the opportunity to finally feel their emotions, own them and find real healing. especially for their children, especially for their daughters.
    don’t we really want to model something more for our daughters than to get kicked in the teeth and keep coming back for more?
    stand by your man is far too early to be playing on all of our radar screens. he hasn’t portrayed repentance or choosing a life that deserves having a wife of excellent stature. modelling this type of codependency to the body of christ is unhealthy and not what i hope shows the redemptive power of god.
    do i pray they can navigate this mess? definitely. but do i think pretending that marriage is stronger than this will get them there? not at all. there is far too much exposing and healing that must take place first.

  • ed c says:

    I can’t imagine what Gayle’s feeling right now. I think she certainly did the best she could under immensely difficult circumstances.
    One question though: “Why is this letter only addressed to the women in the church?” Even if she mainly ministered to women, isn’t her letter something for the entire community? Just wondering.

  • bobbie – appreciate the comment. lets pray and hope that gayle also has a safe space to explore and release those emotions and some close friends to ride along with her.

  • Jan says:

    I think that we need to remember that we don’t know the whole story, what has gone on behind closed doors in their home. He does seem repentant, and she probably remembers and believes in the man she married. She knows his potential more than anyone, and she knows his heart more than anyone (besides God obviously). She wouldn’t stick by him if she didn’t believe in him or in God’s ability to get them through this. This isnt saying that she isn’t hurting or angry, I’m sure she is, but she can see the bigger picture probably.

  • Stormy Gale says:

    [tsk – this comment deleted because 2 or 3 witnesses doubt its integrity. you can read the same long comment on other blogs regarding larry stockhill.
    but not here.]

  • someone says:

    The preceding book-length letter makes about as much sense as an M. Night Shayamalin movie. I do hope readers do not draw conclusions about New Life Church or its leadership based on the words of someone who appears emotionally and/or mentally disturbed.
    I too attend New Life Church and do not believe the accusations made against Larry Stockstill by the writer who was apparently up late with nothing better to do than to criticize. I doubt the authenticity of her faith because, if she truly had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, she would not be as cruel, accusatory, or hateful as she seems.

  • Someone, and everyone else,
    do you think i should delete that comment as spam or is it genuine?
    can anyone shed some light on it?

  • Pat Kindrick says:

    I too am a member of New Life church. I know Stormy Gale personally and know the Haggards. Stormy is VERY CREDIABLE! I too know Larry Stockstill and it is true, he does have this reputation in Baton Rouge, La. Is it that you believe pagans like the one that accused Pastor Ted so quickly and yet shun and tar and feather the Christian for telling the truth?

  • bob says:

    LOL!!! i spit coffee everywhere when i read that pastor Larry was in the KKK, I mean come on, seriously. If you have nothing to back your claim then kindly shut your mouth… Stormy Gayle is spamming this junk all over blogs and sites.
    But its nice to see Andrew add some CREDIABIALITY lol.

  • Zebra says:

    I Don’t get it. Athough i think of it a sign of respect and love.

  • Sarah says:

    I doubt that anyone else is still reading this post, but in case they are, yes, please delete those incredible lies about Pastor Stockstill. I mean, if you are going to lie, you could at least come up with something more believable than that! And Ted (whom I also adore) loves and believes in Larry…always has. Explain that?
    Ted is a wounded sinner, like we all are. He is not qualified for ministry at this time, because leadership has to be help to a higher standard. But I have no doubt that God will again gift him with a great ministry. He is truly a man of God.

  • andrew jones says:

    i think i actually will delete that comment on stockhill, now that two or three witnesses say its false.
    you can find it on other blogs if you want to read it.

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