Strategic Conference at Copenhagen, Denmark

0002761685913 215X215-2I’ve gone to Copenhagen, land of the Danes who are famous for their humor. Wonderful, wonderful, Copenhagen, friendly old girl of a town, as Danny Kaye once put it so . . . HANS-somely . .. thank you very much. I”ll be here ’til Friday . . try the veal! And why not let good ol’ Danny lay down some audio carpet to help you enter into the spirit of this blog post? Here we go . .


Its a “Strategic Conference” with 60 church planters from Scandinavia and Latvia which means if i tell you then i have to kill you . . . you know . .. . I’m looking forward to seeing some friends who I hope will be there. – Birger Nygaard? Erling the Norwegian apostle-poet of “I Am Somebody” fame? If I miss anyone this week, I will be back in Copenhagen next January with the DAWN team and Alan Hirsch.

A few of the participants are emailing me already. One from Sweden has a blog but doesn’t want anyone to see it yet. He says I will be his first visitor. LOVE THOSE BLOG VIRGINS!!!!!

Now to tone things down a little and talk about my buddies on the DAWN Europe Team, a few of whom might be blogging the event:

Marc van der Woude (tallest blogger in the Netherlands),

Reinhold Scharnowski (our fearless leader from Switzerland)

Andreas Wolf (research geek from Germany)

Newsleak 1Its very possible . . and I am leaking some information out here . . that DAWN Europe is about to become part of something called the Western European Network (or WEN), which is better than Western European Team (WET) .. . thank you there in the front. So we will discuss new website and appropriate T-shirts during the week, as well as our big Eurochurch conference in Switzerland, April 17-19.

Viggo Mortensen [this Viggo MortensenViggo-Tm-1 and not 38M-Tm-1] is one of my very favourite Danish missiologists. I have never met him but he teaches up at the University of Aarhus . . . [and as they say where I come from, Aarhus is a very very very fine hus .. . thank you . . . try the peach melba for dessert].

Sounds like Danny is fading away so lets do a little music transition, shall we. Here we go.

Ahhh . . thats better! Come on . . sing along if you like. Or just go back to your dinner.

Now Viggo’s article “What is Happening to Global Christianity?” [PDF] is a good Danish read to get your mind in gear before the conference.

Hey . . see you all at the coffee urn. Thank you very much. You’ve been very kind. Try the danishes . . I hear they’re very fresh and cheesy! ahhh hahh . . thank you Denmark! See you again January 10th, 2007. Now lets get our voices behind the song. come on . . . the chorus is coming up . . help me out now .. .


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Bill Kinnon says:

    You…have lost your mind. But I’m grinning from ear to ear.
    Thanks for the smiles, TSK. And I do pity poor Copenhagen. (Haven’t been there since the summer of 1964.)

  • rudy says:

    man, i’d LOVE to be there

  • Henrik H says:

    great your coming by DK – sorry that I cant be there at the gathering – some of my young church planting friends have a huddle gathering with our network and Anders Michael planned the Dawn gathering in the same weekend.
    But its great to hear that your are coming back in january – we┬┤ll try to get the emerging network in DK together – maybe we could meet??

  • chad says:

    really off topic hear, but how did you get the quicktime audio links built into the post? sorry being a geek

  • chad – view my source code in your browser and steal the code starting with “embed” and having a URL with .mp3 in it.
    TRUE is looping
    FALSE stops after one play
    when i get time i can post on the whole process but that should be enough. hardest part is finding the mp3 on a server.

  • Rev Daniel R Bannerman says:

    Dear Sir,
    I greet you in Jesus name.I would be happy to be part of the forthcoming conference on Janury 10 in Denmark.Please direct me on hoe to register.God bless.

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