Burford Priory

26-11-06 1011Went to Burford Priory (Benedictine) this morning with Gil Poole and Jim Barker. Had a great time, Nice quiet service and then lunch with Brother Stuart who is the Abbot. Very gracious man who is happy and wise and patient.We chatted for quite a while about his thoughts on nu monasticism and the emerging church. In fact, we stayed for None at 2pm and had a walk in their gardens.

Home now at Gill’s place where Hubert Allen is popping over for a cuppa. His granddad was Roland Allen the “Prophet” and famous missionary.

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  • Hi – You might be interested to know that the Highway Hotel in Burford was host to some of the early get-togethers of some leaders of the UK ‘house church movement’ in the late 1960’s. From time to time a few days would be spent together in prayer and fasting, study and discussion as they sought to discover God’s leading. If walls could speak…

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