Contribute 4 has blog capabilities

Adobe’s Contribute 4 sounds impressive with the blogging capability . . . but i am leaning towards online solutions like Flock browser. And i still cant beat ecto for blogging control and offline writing.

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  • Paul Connors says:

    Flock is great! My only complaint is that sometimes when you highlight text and then use the right click “blog this” function it mushes everything together. It doesn’t maintain the paragraphs. Still, it is an excellent and free tool.

  • Jon Harris says:

    I just hope Contribute 4 is faster than earlier versions. True, it was the only (and therefore best) program of its kind for a long while, but I always found it painfully slow. Anyway, hopefully the real read-and-write web is almost here. Haven’t tried Flock, maybe that’s it.

  • Kester says:

    Love Ecto too… But wondering if I’m missing something?
    I’d love it to have ‘templates’ / ‘stationary’ whatever where you could get a signature or picture automatically put into each post.
    Tried the ‘templates’ bit, but that only seems to work for previewing, not posting.
    Any ideas anyone? Could put it into the typepad code, but would need someone to show me where!

  • Rick says:

    Ecto is the optimum considering price, functionality, flexibility, ability to work off-line, etc.. My only real issue is that I use Blogger and therefore can’t use Ecto’s photo power.
    I’m not technical enough to know how to get around that or to switch to another blog host.
    Contribute looked ok but I missed the advantages that come with that higher price tag, I didn’t see that it worked off-line (unless I want to write in MSWord or whatever), and it doesn’t solve the photo problem because that’s on Blogger’s end.
    Net – I’m with Ecto – just hoping Blogger will allow the photo’s eventually (or I get smarter/braver).

  • andrew says:

    blogger to another host is a hard transition and one that loses links.
    typepad allows you to export posts when you change which is nice
    but flock for photos to blogger and ecto for posts to blogger should work until blogger gets its act together.

  • rick says:

    yep – flock just did the trick – you may be tall and skinny but you’re also a big help … thanks

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