Africa Bible Commentary Launches Today

Email from Steve Knight (Knightopia)

“Hey Andrew, Well, I’ve officially left BGEA (, and I’m now on staff with SIM (Serving In Mission) as their new International Communications Coordinator. I figured, what better way to be missional than to work for a missions organization, right? 😉

Pic1-37Anyway, I’m writing to let you know about an exciting project that SIM has been involved with called the “Africa Bible Commentary”! It’s the first-ever complete commentary of the entire Bible written in Africa by African theologians for African pastors and practitioners. Of course, Zondervan is publishing and distributing it in the U.S., and Rick Warren and John Stott (among others) have given it rousing endorsements – so we’re hopeful it will gain an even broader, international audience.”

Thanks Steve – Link at SIM. We will be expecting a sharp looking SIM website in the near future from you.

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  • Eddie Arthur says:

    Hi Andrew, thanks for the heads up on this, I’ll look forward to getting a copy soon. There is something really important which lies at the bottom of the press release page – they are already planning to translate this book in to a variety of languages. It’s good to see that SIM have grasped that we don’t just need theology written by and for Africans, but it needs to be available for the huge numbers of people on the continent who don’t speak English. OK, I’m a Bible translator, and I’m biased.

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    The new Africa Bible Commentary looks excellent. Thanks to Steve Knight for the heads up and also check out Andrew Jones comments on it. As Steve says,
    The emerging church in Africa gets a big boost today from the official launch of the brand-new A…

  • Steve K. says:

    Hey Andrew,
    Thanks for passing the word along!
    We’re working on that redesigned website right now, so watch for it in the near future 😉
    Steve K.

  • Adam says:

    A sign of things to come? Thanks for the info.

  • As soon as I read this about the African Commentary I put it on my list for a must buy. There are tons of other commentaries even on my bookshelf… so why another one? Because the African voice has a much interesting history that would do amazing things on these Western soils.
    Stephen Miracle Staff Member

  • Just bought a copy of the ABC. I will write more about it later, but for now i can say that I am exicted by this work.

  • Rahaingonjanahary Rodolphe says:

    I congatulate African theologians on doing such a tremendous commentary even I have not yet handled the book.The initiative impressed me so much particularly in term of theology and African culture that I made deeper in Asian context.

  • Dave Hoffman says:

    I just spend the weekend with Pieter Kwant, Langham’s Internation Literature Director (John Stott Ministries in the U.S.) that oversaw this thorugh his literary agency Piquant. He gave me a copy of this and it is amazing. I have been studying Hebrews lately and opened this commentary to my study and not only found new information for me, but can see how this will make a huge impact in Africa.
    Dave Hoffman
    Director of Communications
    John Stott Ministries

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