Not Done With the FlannelGraph. Yet.


This one is part of the Wibsite Flannelgraph Season: The Joy of Fuzzy Felt. The crazy bloggers at Wibsite are giving new life to flannelgraphs and i only have one complaint . . . that i did not think of this first!!! Actually, i have been on the lookout for REAL ACTUAL flannelgraphs that i can use with my projector – which has an inbuilt document camera. But the electronic versions are OK too.

Wibsite bloggers have been meeting every summer at Greenbelt Festival since 2002. See the photos. I always pop in to their campsite for a cup of tea and say hello – nice people. Bloggers get their own events at Greenbelt and i am assuming other festivals are allowing more space in their program for blog-related events.

Related: Conservative bloggers with a political bent now have their own event called GodConBlog which is meeting for the second time in August. It should be worth a visit to meet big time bloggers Hugh Hewitt and La Shawn Barber. Powerpoints but no flannelgraphs.


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  • I am glad to see your posts but I thought you were taking a break! Can’t stay away can you?? I am glad.

  • no . . . its true
    i am back from traveling now and was thinking of a longer break.
    but here i am again . . .. for better or for worse. to be honest . .. i am still not sure whether to retire this blog or not.

  • Man, I remember flannelgraphs! I remember sitting in my old Baptist church listening to the stories and seeing the flannelgraphs. It was these images and stories that when I came back to the church after high school that I was in need of a Savior.
    Man I wish more kids got flannelgraph these days. They are easy to work with and the kids love holding the characters or even putting them on the board, gets them into the story.

  • Given the fact you get as many responses as you do, and how the content is fresh and interesting, I hope you continue. But if is wearisome for your soul well that is another matter. I for one regularly visit your site. I don’t often comment, but I read regularly. MHO

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