Emerging Church Video from Japan, Prague and Colombia


GagalI have been bugging Olgavaro Bastos Jnr from Tribal Generation about putting his videos online and he has finally done it. In the past 6 years, we have pulled off a number of roundtables and gathering events together, and the Brazilians have kept better video footage than anyone. There are now videos on their website from many of these events. You will see my handsome face and pony tail in the gatherings where I was present. In particular . . .

Czech Republic 2002 – This is the Epicentrum-Tribal Generation event in Prague, the only emerging church event in the world where a wedding took place during the worship (Derek and Amy Chapman) . . . in our back yard . . actually. If you were there, you are probably on the video. Thats Erika from Houston singing in the beginning.

Japan 2002 A really dynamic time with the Japanese in Tokyo.

Colombia, 2001. We started a church that night with the people in the shopping mall who came forward after the hard core band from Chile rocked their socks off. The mosh pit happened right after the altar call – seemed the logical thing to do with the people that had just prayed to receive Jesus and wanted to celebrate. I was barefoot in the mosh pit. Good times of teaching and prayer also.

– USA, Epicenter-Tribal Generation 2001. Video not online yet.

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I met Olgavaro in Sheffield, England, back in 2000 at a DAWN sponsored event called Tribal Generation. At that gathering, about 12 leaders decided to work together to form a loose coalition of friends who were exploring emerging church movements . . although we did not use the word “emerging”. Olgavaro was one of those 12. The Tribal Generation website in UK was a good resource for UK but never managed to become a post-colonial resource portal. The Brasilians have probably gone further than the other counties in this. Well done!

Thanks Olgavaro for the video – it helps to actually SEE what these events can look like. TG’s yearly conference in Brasil starts in a few days and networks from around Latin America will be participating. I am BUMMED IN A MAJOR WAY that i cant be there in Brasil – shortage of time and money – but pray God’s richest blessing on you all.

and thanks to DAWN ministries for the sponsorship over the years in the global emerging church.


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