Game 3 : TSK Mash-Up

This was where I was hoping to give you the 5 year file with all my posts and comments on it. Unfortunately, my technologies let me down and i dont have the file to give you. Yet. But everything is online and you can help yourself to whatever is there on my blogs.

Now . . . the game. This one will take longer.

Make a mash-up of my blog and turn it into a book proposal. Mash it with yours or someone elses (with their permission). If it is worthy, you and I can publish it together. We can talk later about the royalties from the 17 people that buy it [would 50-50 sound fair?] but for now, figure out how you would do and and let me know.

Ready . . . go!


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • djchuang says:

    I don’t know about a TSK mash-up, but makes it pretty easy to print up a physical copy of TSK Volume 1. (Now, do I get a comp copy for suggesting it?)

  • andrew says:

    no dj because i have already seen blogbinders
    but paying for each page?? uh uh – too much material

  • brad says:

    i have long promoted TallSkinnyKiwi as a nexus for disciples from traditional, transitional, and tribal paradigms. if anyone wants to catch the flavor of what is going on at the edges of the ‘ascending global cultures’ (the term i’m using for a while instead of ’emerging’) TSK gives them what they need – whether it shocks traditionals toward reality, challenges transitionals to go further, or validates tribals in their perspectives and activities.
    TallSkinnyKiwi offers both a personal case study from Andrew Jones an New Edge practitioner with the context of a memoirist/correspondent who documents eclectically the journey of a movement. he summarizes ongoing and new activities at the edges and sometimes the fringes, links to other key practitioners (most of whom he knows personally), and refers to key academics (many of whom he knows personally).
    TSK – with all this raw historical data – is a useful tool in itself. but what if TSK were all downloaded for DVD authoring, and then were produced with several sets of hyperlinked commentaries that further help capture the historical context. say, a commentary panel comprised of Emergents and post-Emergents from North America, Europe, NZ-Australia, and Africasia. commentaries would analyze elements of explorations and/or shifts in: theoretical paradigms, theologies, and methodologies. summaries of other key blog clusters linked with TSK (as seen in related blogography maps) would broaden the tracking of historical development of the movement. and reactions thots from relevant readers and posters would provide a base for reasoned speculation on future trends as projected out from TSK materials. plus it would have all the advantages contained in dvd authoring with multiple media! then issue update version every few years.
    in short, this would be a multiple media resource for tracking these ongoing movements, as Steve Rabey’s helpful book, In Search of Authentic Faith did for their origins.
    some ideas for titles (of which the leftovers often end up as chapter headings):
    Metamerge: Sifting through Pioneer Blogs to Forecast Future Paradigms
    GodSpace and Beyond: “New Paradigm” Analysts and Practitioners in Conversation
    okay, this really is a serious ‘book’ proposal idea. someone else will need to find the funding. probably self-publishing unless there is a publisher (or organization) brave enough to front the funds for all the development work, not just for copying and distributing the DVDs.
    whadyuh think?!

  • Thea says:

    Actually Brad, your comment of shocking traditionals into going further is so far from the truth. I read the blogs to keep up with the false doctrines and poor marketing plans that are capturing our young adults. I was of the “Jesus Movement” generation and know very well how a fad works. It takes only a few to light a fire for a “new way to God”. God is the Alpha and Jesus is his Son. Believe it or not, in the 70’s (were you born yet?) we sat in the pillow room at my Lutheran church and talked about the new testiment, Jesus, developing Christian relationships, reaching out to others, and our responsibilities to the world. Go figure – all we needed was a traditional church to do that!

  • andrew says:

    ahhh . . thea – brad is over 50 so yes, he was born then. he works at a seminary in USA.
    Brad – sorry. i just found your comment and suggestion – 5 months later.
    yes – great idea. let me know if you have a proposal put together.

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