Blogging Break

Taking a break from blogging. June is a busy month and i am on the road a lot. I want my home time to be hanging with my family and not tracking controversies or responding to comments. In fact, new comments will be held up until i can get to them – don’t hold your breath.

June Schedule:

8-11 Dublin and Glendalough, Ireland (church planters)

16-18 Hoy Island, Orkney (with family)

19 Glasgow, Scotland

19 – Rome, Italy

20-23 Naples, Italy (DAWN Europe)

28-30 Lichfield, England (CMS)

Bummed that i cannot be at these June events.

– I will NOT be in Edinburgh for Tartan Theology’s Dreamday (17) but my prayers will be wit you bonnie lads and lassies.

– I will NOT be at the “Toward Missional Communities Conference” (17-18, UK).

– Alas, I will NOT be in Brazil for Encontro Global, Tribal Generation (14-16) but am sending a video message instead. It should be a fantastic gathering of Latin American emerging church leaders and once again, I am missing out.

Peace and love to all. Appreciate prayers for my trips and meetings. For safety over my family while i am gone, for power and wisdom to speak God’s words, for financial provision so I can keep on supporting the global emerging church. For the World Cup to be a showpiece for English superiority . . . no . . strike the last one.

BIG prayers plz for Die Gefaehrten Global Roundtable for Emerging Church Leaders, Germany Aug 4-6. The leaders have all been invited a long time ago so please dont send in any more recommendations. These leaders are coming from all over the world and nearly all of them are involved with subculture/underground ministries. We still need some more funds for airfare.

Also: pray for Richard and myself as we lay the groundwork for this new network of missional cells . .tiny churches . . whatever they get called as they get connected up around UK and forge links around the world.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.

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