3 Seminary Podcasts on Emerging Church Movement

I have just listened to a conversation (3 podcasts) on the emerging church by an American theological seminary. And I was impressed BIGTIME. It was a fair, reasonable, humble, well balanced dealing with the American emerging church – yes it leans on the academic and biases the emerging church AUTHORS rather than practitioners, but these are Seminary professors and books are their language, the icons of their world. But its good, dang good, and i wish all seminaries would take this learning posture towards the emerging church.

The seminary?

Fuller? no, but a good guess.

Masters? . . . let me get up from the floor . . . now where is my chair?

Northwestern? could have been but . . no.

You wont guess so I will tell you. Its none other than Dallas Theological Seminary

Podcast 1, Podcast 2, Podcast 3

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Matt Glock says:

    Makes me proud to be a DTS grad…

  • andrew says:

    yes – would have been nice if DTS had mentioned their many graduates who are now leading and starting emerging churches
    not you Matt – i am sure they would have disowned you years ago . . .
    but others – Brad Cecil, and the crew in Denver (Kelly, etc who I spent a day with in London recently)

  • djchuang says:

    Hooray for my alma mater! 🙂 DTS has also had Brian McLaren on their campus (and didn’t get disinvited) for a one-day conference back in 2004, which could almost be considered being ahead of the curve.

  • andrew jones says:

    you as well? i didnt know.

  • Sivin says:

    I’m impressed 🙂

  • Paul says:

    Me too. Graduated back in the 80s. DTS is a great school…it is like most places in that it has grads doing just about everything. 🙂

  • brad says:

    it would be wonderful if seminaries would publicly commit to partner with ‘new paradigms’ practitioners in learning communities. we all have so much we could glean from each other, and help … umm … round out each other’s character to be more comprehensively Christlike while we break through the realities that seem to underly the stereotypes (and caricatures) we have of each other.
    the seminary where i’ve worked most of the past 10 years at least has some of that cross-cultural aca-praca stuff going on, but it’s pretty much been informal. (ooh! did i just coin a new term for ‘academician-practitioner’? let’s start a new movement for these learner-partner buddies!) (oh, let’s not, and just say we did, so we get to the post-aca-praca stage as quickly as possible.) (please…!)

  • Matt Glock says:

    Me again,
    Andrew, you said that they’d referenced mostly people who wrote books… and your name pops up two times in the first podcast.
    Dude, you are the man and I am your translator b….

  • andrew jones says:

    I am . . . the emerging church guy who never wrote a book
    i think i will make a business card out of that . . .

  • andrew jones says:

    and Brad
    YOU are the man . . not me . . but you have been greatly handicapped by working for a seminary that did not and does not recognize your genius and your contribution the emerging church
    shame on them
    if only they were as open as DTS to what God is doing in the emerging culture.

  • Drew Moser says:

    Dallas eh? That’s great. If only my alma mater, Denver Seminary would wake up…

  • pam wilhelms says:

    Drew – I was thinking the same thing. As a Denver grad, I have been discouraged by the lack of dialogue in that community. Though Bill Klein is an elder at ‘Pathways’ in Denver. He and Phyllis are both very conversant in the emerging issues of the global church.

  • Oli Douglas-Pennant says:

    Does this mean you like podcasts? I think I remember you slated them a little bit a while ago. I think they rock in fact I listen to about five times as many speakers on my ipod as I ever do in church meetings which I find pretty life changing. Particular recommendations at the moment are YWAM – especially (those by loren cunningham), Bristol Vineyard (especially Andrew Wallis) and Cedar Ridge community church (Matthew Dyer)

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