Forum Gemeinde Innovation (Church Innovation)

Alan Hirsch did extremely well with his sessions. Some of the media from our Church Innovation Forum, held earlier this month, is now online. Podcasts, images, etc.

Forum Gemeinde Innovation (check out the photos)

Christoph Schalk’s blog is a good resource.

– When i get some time, I will post some video.

The idea of “communitas” vs “community” went over well – So often the church doesn’t appeal to men, or it only appeals to men who don’t mind singing sissy songs. Men and women would rather have a dangerous story to belong to.

Alan and myself taking a day off in Thun, Switzerland with Reinhold.

Andrew And Alan

Related: German speakers should know about David Schafer’s first book on emerging churches in Germany – “The Young Wild Ones” (Die Yungen Wilden). Reinhold has details.

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