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More Than a Fad: Understanding the Emerging Church, by Walter Henegar

I was holding my breath when i saw the title. Most attempts at defining the emerging church are RUBBISH. But I was pleasantly surprised by this article which could easily make it into my top ten list. Its written for an American Presbyterian audience so there is no mention of simple, organic “emerging” church forms like house church or cyberchurch. Neither is there reference to its connection with the global scene or even the many networks inside USA. Emergent Village gets a mention, of course, but is wrongly named as the “movement’s organizational network”.

Suprising for a PCA article not to mention the Driscoll.

But hey – its an excellent article – well written, balanced, dealing with problems and opportunities at the same time. And written in the appropriate tone of voice which will be a huge help for those emerging churches inside the PCA who are being given the freedom to be the church they need to be in the emerging culture context while maintaining their PCA heritage.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.

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  • Anthony Stiff says:

    Henegar has been warmly received by the PCA ‘Relevants’, his article because of its appearence in our ByFaith online magazine was a good tone setter. There is an unofficial document developing in our denomination called ‘Presbyterians and Presbyterians Together’ its a call for charity in theological discussions over issues like the NPP and EC, etc. Henegar was a signer of this document.
    At the General Assembly (the big PCA meet n greet for pastors) this year there are at least three seminars being taught on the Emerging Movement. Things are picking up in our circles, also ‘Desiring God Ministries’ lead by John Piper, is hosting a conference on the emerging church issue (though its sounds like the tone of it may be critical); as well as Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia Fall conference where Scot McKnight, John Franke, and Mike Horton will be giving lectures. Please keep our conversation about ‘the conversation’ in prayer Andrew. There are many earnest pastors who want to be relevant to the emering culture around them. I am one of the PCA seminary interns who carries that passion.
    In Christ, Anthony

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