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This morning we were part of the Baptist Church celebration in Stromness, Orkney – the “traditional” church service that our kids really enjoy. About 75 people came which is great for a 3-4 year old Scottish church. The service was profound and moving and very multi-generational. There were puppets for the kids. A moving testimony from a lady that was at the point of suicide when she found God. Music was good.

Mark Taylor showed a video that he just got from Highway Video and edited it a little with Matt Redman’s music, overlaying it with another video of a cross that gave it a more Resurrection Sunday effect and to make it fit with a British context.

We had a potluck after with 3 tables full of food – cant beat a potluck. I personally think that the potluck is one of the closest moments that the inherited church model gets to the Last Supper. The gospel brunch, also.

After that, most people went home but the teenagers packed the chairs away and had a dance.


This is Sam (our son) in the middle. He’s the only one not wearing blue jeans – he always was rebellious when it came to church.


Probably half of the youth here follow Jesus and the other half are interested in Jesus and ask if they can come along to church. I guess they are figuring out what it means to pilgrimage with God as a teenage Scot.


And then they played some silly games. In fact, they are still playing games over there right now as i type this. Good to see them enjoy church so much that they dont want to come home. Anyway . . . teaching, singing, eating, dancing, laughing. Church happens.

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