Mission 21 conference


I am heading up to Sheffield today for the Mission 21 conference. There should be a good gathering of 500- 700 mission leaders and strategists. We will be licking our wounds after the hyper-numerical goal setting of the 90’s which left UK churches feeling like lamers, and discussing the future of church planting partnerships, transformation dreams, discussing STRATEGY [my wife wonders why we all keep meeting to discuss strategy – something that i often wonder in regards to American Rules Football – somebody please just grab the bloody ball and run with it!!!] and whatever else needs to be discussed.

And of course, in true British fashion, there will be plenty of PUBlic strategic discussions over liquid libations at key locations around Sheffield, all designed exclusively for memorable conversations of historical posterity to be orated audibly with a large glass pitcher containing a strategic quantity of amber refreshment to lubricate strategic dialog with stragetically softened reception and agreement. And you can count on me to keep the Brits in check and moderation.

This event really is important for UK. Pray for a profitable time. I am not speaking at this conference so you will not have to pray as fervently as you usually do. But do pray anyway for:
unity, clarity, vision, generosity, repentance, love, joy, hope.


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  • I will strategically pray for the deployment of a strategically allocated group of methodical intercessors. In a nut shell that is.

  • If you get a chance try to find Dave Gordon from the Baptist Union of Scotland. He’s about to go on a trip to Aus and NZ. I kno whe’s going to meet up with Urban Seed in Melbourne and some EC guys in NZ.

  • [this “prophecy of famine” comment was edited and almost deleted because it is unsolicited SPAM! however, the last part about money was interesting so i left it here]
    Thus said The Lord GOD of Israel to me, vince diehl.

  • Andrew,
    How to you balence respect for those in the prophetic community with respect for common internet norms like posting comments that are some how related to the post?
    When do you deam something like the above comment spam?

  • Dood. he has given me a headache of soughts with that rant. i do not comment much on anything and this is the first time actually. Dinner with Jesus sounds a whole lot more appealing than a visit to our broken brothers web home.

  • right – just got back online after a few days at the conference [which was unconnected]
    yes – that was prophesy spam and i am deleting it now.
    – no permission asked and no email before it – rules broken – why should i allow it?