Mark Palmer is Gone

Mark Palmer died yesterday in Ohio. Many of us got to know him through his blog where he allowed us into his life and his battle with cancer. He is on my “Vintage Theoblogians” hall of fame. I think i will leave him on it. Mark was an early blogger to the international Christian blogosphere. He was at our gathering of emerging church leaders in pasadena last year. We sure will miss him.

Palmer Healing Button-1A while ago, Alan Creech made this PayPal button for Mark so that bloggers could remember to pray and also donate towards the medical bills. You may remember it on this site. Alan – you taught us all about how to be a good friend. I guess Mark finally gets his complete healing but his loss is certainly felt on this side.

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Mark ended well. His last blog post is a birthday prayer for his 4 year old son Micah: “I pray every day that Micah will grow into his name sake. Happy birthday little prophet, may you be filled with the blessings of peace, hope, and love.”

Mark’s wife, Amy, leaves some moving words on the blog and added some more last night along with the funeral details.

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  • Jon says:

    Remember the Midwest Posse in your prayers. They’ve taken a beating with three deaths now. Makes me think they’re doing something right to get such attention from the Enemy.

  • + Alan says:

    Thanks for putting this up Andrew. Palmer was a classic. He IS a classic. There were certainly several who were a better friend to him than I was. We’ll miss him for sure. Pray for his family and any prayers for all of us around here are appreciated. Grace and Peace to you.

  • Oregonian says:

    On a human level, Mark’s passing is a profound sadness. To think of Micah having lost his mother to cancer while a wee toddler, having gained a new mother when Amy and Mark wed, and now to have lost his dad to cancer is staggering. And he’s just barely four years old! These are the situations that cause me to ask God, “WHY???”
    My prayer is that God will encircle Amy and Micah and hold them close as they go on, day by day.

  • Jim Watters says:

    Thanks so much for remembering Mark in this way. He was a dear friend and I miss him deeply. Blessings – Jim

  • Garth says:

    As someone who only watched and read from afar over a period of time, I am totally sobered by this news. I offer no words, just a brotherly connection that I hope conveys warmth at this time.

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