Blogs4God: The Temple of Taggery

In true Web 2.0 fashion, Blogs4God plans to shift from taxonomy to folksonomy, from blog-focused to meme-focused to become an Aggregator of Taggery.

And if you understood that last sentence then pat yourself on the back for learning another language AND making the blogosphere a better place by TAGGING your posts.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Graham Doel says:

    ‘Fraid I still don’t get it. Why should I bother tagging my posts when a search is likely to generate more appropriate results… tagging simply baffles me.

  • b says:

    Like Graham tagging baffles me a bit. It’s not for want of trying – I did a post on the 8th Feb on my failed attempts at tagging in the hope that someone might tell e where I was going wrong. One person did try to help but it still didn’t work.

  • andrew jones says:

    its not too hard if you use ecto or a blog editor to add tags to blog posts. adding tags to images, videos and other media also makes them findable in many ways.
    graham, here are two good reasons:
    1. if you dont tag now, your posts may not be found when the roll is called up yonder into aggregators like Blogs4God
    2. one of the top tags this week at technorati is “christianity”. a post on christianity would not even have to

  • Ed C says:

    So would they call this aggregating tag system a “Taggregator” or is that taking web 2.0 puns too far?
    I use technorati by simply keeping a bookmark to the tag page on my firefox browser toolbar. I could use a blog editor I guess, but cutting and pasting the technorati tag is really easy.
    I typically get a few hits a day on my various blogs via technorati. And if tagging my posts helps one person, JUST ONE PERSON, then it was all worth it!!! sniffle, sniffle

  • kent says:

    I am assuming this english but not entirely certain. But none of it made any sense. Well I don’t tag, and don’t have a blog, just enjoy others including yours.

  • Andrew says:

    Here’s another useful approach to tagging — especially if you don’t want to constantly tag your blogposts:
    If you register your blog(s) with Technorati, you also can categorize your blogs by tags. For example, you could go to Andrew Jones’ technorati profile and find, under his “claimed blogs” section, tags for 20 or so topics.
    I’ve done the same thing for my three claimed blogs. This helps technorati surfers find your blog by category and in relational context to other topics.
    P.S. – I like blogs4God’s plan and like Ed’s “taggregator” pun. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be more taggravating than taggragating.

  • I can read Greek; use the Hebrew text with aids, program in C/ C++/ basic/ pascal; understand a little “fuzzy logic”; milk a cow; I am proficint in OFFICE, can read, understand and converse with most theological texts… but… “shift from taxonomy to folksonomy, from blog-focused to meme-focused to become an Aggregator of Taggery.” leaves me baffled.
    What do I do?
    baffled in Waterloo

  • Andrew B says:

    I made a serious attempt to tag on my TypePad blog, but came to the conclusion, with input from TypePad support, that Technorati tags cannot be made to work on Typepad unless you have a Pro level account.
    Have not yet attempted the hurdle of a blog editor, which might provide a work around, partly because life is already complicated enough with my home environment being on Linux and my work environment on Windows and some vagueness in the boundary between home and work.

  • Graham Doel says:

    Ok I think I’m getting it. I found this post through e.ministry.

  • brodie says:

    Andrew J – thanks for the tips on how to tag…I’ll give Ecto some serious thought.
    Andrew B – I think you might be right about Typepad. I also use Typepad, but not pro. Is is worth paying the extra so I can tag? Have to ponder that one (i.e. ask the wife!)

  • andrew jones says:

    i use ecto to tag and not technorati. the pro is good for extra blogs and access to the template code for my own html – without which i would feel powerless – although you can do a lot with the lists function and your own html.

  • glenn says:

    It is untrue that tagging only functions with a Pro Level account w/ TypePad.
    I (through the rebuke and incessant rapping upon my pate by Andrew’s walking stick) am now a tagger, and tags work just fine with my mid-level TypePad account. Each day I’m getting traffic through Technorati. It works.
    I do recommend using Ecto to easily tag your posts. However, you don’t need to. Just click over to the “Edit HTML” tab before saving a new post and supply the necessary code from Technorati to tag it at the end of your post. Click “Save” and you’re good. Promise.
    If you’re having trouble manually tying out the code, then go here for a free, online tag generator. Just copy and paste the code at the end of your post: TAG = PING = TRAFFIC!
    Watch my blog GLORIOUS for a smoking article about HOW TO USE TECHNORATI coming soon!!!

  • Mean Dean says:

    You know what bugs me … Andrew … you didn’t TAG this post.
    Visit my post today and you’ll see what I mean …

  • dean
    i have never been in the practise of tagging individual sites, but i will make an exception and add it now.
    and to show i am a good sport, i will even tag this comment.

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