Abdul Rahman Case Dropped

Vidlthumb.03F5C9A86A510B978C24C8Caaa329E06Abdul Rahman is saved from the chopping block. Much protesting on the streets of Afganistan today. His arrest came one month after a Bible was discovered in his possession. Authorities say he his “hearing voices”. Yahoo has the skinny.

Interesting how, among the all of the Christ followers killed each year, that one of them gets singled out and makes the press. wonder whatz up wit dat?

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  • John says:

    I think it’s pretty clear the reason this gets all the press it has it that Afganistan is a country we allegedly “liberated.” China, on the other hand…well, that’s just what they do over there. China is “them,” and that’s what “they” do. But in Afganistan & Iraq, we are supposed to be bring those countries over to “us.” (You know: democracy & freedom, liberty is on the march, blah blah blah.) And democracies don’t are not supposed to do this sort of thing.

  • Jim says:

    Great, so now that he’s going to be released I’ll be anxious to see how long it will be before we read that he has been killed. He was probably safer in prison.

  • andrew says:

    i dont know. Salman Rushdie is still walking around.

  • Jim says:

    Good point, I’ve not been keeping up on his whereabouts but isn’t he safely tucked away in Great Britain?

  • Voteswagon says:

    Islam : Abdul Rahman In Afghanistan

    Abdul Rahman is soon to be released but the problems this man brought to light are a thorn in the side for Afghanistan and now we want more answers. This mans persecution has brought to light just how badly many clerics manipulate the religion of Islam…

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