My Blog’s Family Tree – Yours?

Andreas pointed me to TouchGraph Google Browser. This is a topography of my blog and how it is linked in the blogosphere. Interesting to note that of the 7 hubs around me, I played a direct role in encouraging most of them (not all) to start and they have been generous in linking back and recommending others to my blog. In other words, my blog now has a family tree that this tool makes visible. (click to enlarge)


The advantage of using Touch Graph to map out your linkage is that you can add other URLs and watch the complexity happen as layer upon layer of relationships become visible. This image, though, is just my URL before I add layers. Anyway. I showed you blog’s family tree. Now you show me yours.

Grokker is also good if you want to map out key words. I have been grokking the emerging church at intervals to track changes. Try it yourself. Go here and then choose the “Zoomable Map” button on the left. Heres how it looks this morning.


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