Out of Africa – 1

I am back from South Africa and am very HAPPY. It was a fantastic time. The South Africans were great hosts and they treated us like kings. I have lots of stories and maybe some videos for later on.


One of the highlights for me was meeting some key leaders from India and hearing about their networks of house churches and simple churches. One lady at the conference ( I cant mention names for security reasons) together with her husband, has started 14,000 house churches in the last ten years.

I shared some of the thinking and terminology behind the emerging missional church and Olgavaro shared the example of the Latin American emerging church which is doing extremely well. It has been nearly 3 years since my last visit there (in Colombia) and the various countries all seem to be growing and impacting their regions. I was invited again to the yearly gathering in Brazil – have to check my schedule on that one.

Olgavaro Tgpara

My presentation on the global emerging church had a number of technical hiccups – I really should have used my own computer, rather than the offical PC up the front with an older version of Quicktime (perhaps did not recognize the H264 compression?). And I should not have tried to transfer all my videos from Arkaos VJ over to Powerpoint. Dangitt.

But regardless, I did get to share about the thousands of emerging-missional churches around the globe and what it might take to make that number tens of thousands (from song of Saul to song of David) in the near future.

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