MacBook Pro

Powerbook is gone. Behold . . MacBook Pro has come. And all these years I never owned a powerbook, since my trusty white iBook Gandalf the White was my partner on trips away.

Mb Step1 Hero 060110

Doesn’t look any different.

MacBook Pro is “4-5x faster” than the Powerbook (they say) and yet . . its 1.67 GHZ – 1.83 GHz???? Sounds like some creative number crunching. Still, it sounds great. Link

Kudos to Kevin Rose who called it yesterday.

Buy it??? Not until they talk about the iBook replacement.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Alan Hartung says:

    Andrew –
    4-5x faster… because it’s a dual chip and has a bunch of other features I don’t understand 😀
    I want one! But I won’t be able to afford one for the foreseeable future. And I’d rather wait for the 17″ version any way…

  • fernando says:

    if the new intel chip is in anyway comparable to the g5 dual core, then this would be a significant upgrade in performance.
    will take me a long while to get into the idea of buying an intel powered computer again.

  • brian says:

    4-5x faster. Sheesh. So how much faster is that than my trusty ibook? I wonder.

  • Chad says:

    hurray! i remember spending something like $3500 american around 7 years ago for the powerbook that i still use today, and $2750 for the g4 powerbook my wife uses. prices are falling!

  • Phil Hull says:

    For many years, Intel boosted speeds of their processors by overclocking the speeds. They needed to increase speeds to sell people on new computers. They changed their minds about this with the release of the Centrino processors that offered lower advertised speeds with equal performace and longer battery life for notebooks. The Intel Core Duo processors continue this line. The speed in advertised GHz may be lower than Pentium 4s, but the performance in benchmark tests is much higher.

  • chris says:

    andrew, i applaud your patience and perseverance for sticking with your iBook as long as you have.
    whether b/c of living on a missionary’s budget or not (i certainly could stand to think/live that way), it says something that you’ve been able to help steer the church through the new media landscape using what steve jobs might call “old gear.” seems like your gear works just fine to me.
    of course, that doesn’t mean the newest releases aren’t going to be revolutionary, or that they can’t help the church in cool ways, or that they aren’t just downright cool. they might (and are!). but people make the machine, not vice versa.
    rock on, man.
    p.s… is anyone else having problems viewing the iLife quicktime presentation at the apple site?

  • Ariel says:

    I still feel distrustful about this corruption of the pure mac lineage…even though it means I may finally be able to afford one.
    Hey Andrew, thanks for the clarification re: “Cyberchurch” over at BitterSweetLife.

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