Reading the Bible in 2006

I am getting an early start on reading the Bible through in 2006. I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t stick to the plan in 2005 but instead meandered off and ended up reading and re-reading the passages I prefer and that support my greatest theories. Thats not always a good thing. I like it better when the Scriptures challenge my thinking and make me change my mind or think differently. That often happens when I find myself in Biblical territory that I don’t normally wander into. And thats why a daily reading plan is essential.

Its also a really good idea to read the whole Bible through each year to gain a wider perspective and see patterns that you wouldn’t see otherwise. When I first opened my heart to God as a teenager, I read 3-4 chapters of the Bible every day so that I could make it through the whole Bible every year. I never missed a single day for the first six years. After that, it has been more sporadic and adventuresome, although not as regular and disciplined. But I miss that regularity.

So 2006 is approaching and I have already started on the Bible reading plan – hoping to get a running start to the New Year. At the very top of my NewsReader box is the RSS feed for One Year Bible Blog. Since I use my NewsReader so much during the day, there is no way to avoid my Bible readings. And the good people at OneYearBibleBlog send out pictures and thoughts to accompany the readings so its a multi-media start to my day.

The feed is Atom or RSS but you should visit there and sign up for the email as well.

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