Kongress For Church Innovation


I will be speaking at the Kon . . i mean Congress for Church Innovation in Switzerland, May 4-6. Alan Hirsch (Dangerous Stories, Shaping of Things to Come) will be the main speaker. Actually he was born in South Africa but has incarnated himself quite effectively as an Aussie. Karsten Wolff will be there, Reinhold, Mark Reichman, and others. This event will be really strategic – you should come. Its mainly for German speakers (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, OktoberFest Beer Gardens) but tell them you like Bratwurst and they will let you in. Download PDF.

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  • Be carefull Andrew… some day we may conquer you little Island… 🙂 by the way the “Octoberfest” is a bavarian thing, and bavaria isnt german at all. You should know that…

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